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Easter Gifts for Kids!


Easter Surprise Packages are sold out for 2005.  

You can order our regular craft gift subscription so that your child is sent craft packages throughout the year.

Want to send a gift to a child you love?

fridge foamies for Easter Easter is such a fun holiday for children.  Kids love the surprises, Easter egg hunts, chocolate, and the Easter bunny.  Adults are able to enjoy the celebration of spring at Easter time.

Have you been looking for a new Easter gift idea to make this season special for the children you love?  Would you like to find an alternative to chocolate for this Easter?  Think how excited they will be to find a Surprise Package filled with Easter crafts for kids in the mailbox?


Your child's Easter Gift and Surprise Package will contain supplies and instructions to complete three of the Easter craft projects pictured on this page.  The kids will have a great time making the projects, and creating crafts from their own ideas.  This Easter gift idea will last long after the chocolate bunnies have disappeared!

springtime bouquet from beads             paper basket of bunnies
Easter Friends from fun foam

Let us know the age and sex of the child, and we'll select Easter crafts that are sure to be a hit.

Here's what one Mom had to say.

"I'm hooked! Your package from the "Easter Bunny" arrived today, and my son was SO excited that he got mail! We have spent the last three hours building bunnies, and frogs...it been great, and I loved having a great excuse to not work! THANKS Christine! The package was soooo fast! I know it was meant for Easter, but we did tons tonight, and have so many supplies left over that we're going to save the rest for Easter. My son did crafts from right after dinner, until 8:30 (bed time), and loved ever second. When I put him to bed he said "Mom, I really love the Easter Bunny!" it was so cute! Thanks again Christine, you've got a first class, excellent product!"

Candi Morash, President
Morash Accounting Services

bunny picture frames from pipe cleaners for your fridge

Your child will receive some extra supplies to make his or her own Easter surprise.  You can choose to have your child's gift package sent right away, or arrive the week before Easter.

If you have two or three children in your family, you can choose to have a package for each child, or one package sent for the whole family.  Let us know who will be making the crafts, to help us select projects that will be fun for each child.

Your Easter Surprise Package (including supplies for three projects) is just $16.99 (includes Canadian shipping).  Add $3. for US shipping.

Easter Basket

Place your order for an Easter Gift now.

  1. Use our secure online ordering. Order an Easter Surprise Package
  2. Phone us toll free 1-877-853-6788. We accept MasterCard and Visa.
  3. Send us a fax at 1-250-474-0542

Note about taxes and shipping charges.

If your child lives in:

  • United States - you will be charged $3. Canadian for shipping;
  • Canada - you will be charged GST (7%) in taxes;
  • British Columbia - you will be charged PST (7%) plus GST.
  • Martimes - you will be charged HST (15%) instead of GST.

Be sure to include:

  • Child's Name
  • Address
  • Birthday (including year)
  • Sex
  • Favorite Color
  • Your phone number (in case we have a question)

Prices are in Canadian $$.  This is good news for Canadians, and great news for Americans.

Generally, $20. Can  =  $16.50 US

The exact exchange rate for US $ will be calculated by your credit card company.

Call our toll free line if you have any questions. 1-877-853-6788

We've included the shipping and handling for all Canadian orders.

The Easter Surprise Package is a great opportunity to find out if your child would enjoy a subscription for a whole year of craft packages.

Order an Easter Surprise Package
fridge foamies for Easter

If you have any questions about our crafts and activities call us toll free 1-877-853-6788 or send us a note.

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