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Easter Egg Decorations

Kids can create their own colorful Easter Egg Decorations using modeling clay or try one of these Easter crafts.

Art from egg shells
Puffy Bunny
Make your own Easter Baskets
Coloring Easter Eggs

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Clay Eggs


Make your own modeling dough, or you can use colored clay.  

Have the kids use a rolling pin to roll it out a white piece on a flat surface.  Use an oval cookie cut (or reshape a tuna fish can) to make the Easter egg shapes.  

Then let the kids decorate the eggs with different colors of modeling dough.  They can make stripes, zigzags, or dots.  

Don't forget to make a whole in the top, so that you can hang your Easter decoration around the house.

kids Easter eggs


Find more about Easter and Easter craft ideas.

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Children love making gifts for their parents and other adults who are important to them.  But what can they make that will delight the person they are giving the gift to?

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