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Puzzle Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt idea was sent in by one of our visitors.  "My sister and I have been organizing Easter Egg Hunts for our kids for more than 25 years. As the kids get older, you have to get more creative."  This treasure hunt is three treasure hunts in one.


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Puzzle Treasure Hunt


plastic egg
puzzle (about 25 pieces that fit in the egg)


  1. Choose a puzzle about 25 pieces or smaller depending on the age of the children. 
  2. Put the puzzle together.
  3. Flip it over and write the clue to the location of the treasure.
  4. Take the puzzle apart and put the puzzle pieces into plastic eggs (make sure your pieces are not too big for your eggs).
  5. Depending on how long you want the hunt to be, you might put more than 1 piece in each egg).
  6. When all the eggs were collected, the kids put the puzzle together and flip it over and read the location or a clue to figure out the location of the treasure. 
  7. Solve the clue and find the treasure!



  1. Divide the kids into 3 teams (Bunnies, Duckies and Chickies or whatever you want to call them).  Have 3 puzzles and 3 treasures in 3 different locations. Chose 2 colors of plastic eggs for each team, so the Bunnies would hunt for blue and purple eggs, Duckies orange and yellow and so on.
  2. Hide "half and half eggs", blue and yellow egg, purple and orange egg, etc. Anyone could collect these eggs and keep what was inside.

Thank you to Judy for sending in this treasure hunt activity.

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