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Scary Halloween Pencil Heads

Halloween is a fun time of make believe and sugary sweets. Kids will have fun making these shrunken heads that are sure to scare anyone this Halloween!

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Shrunken Head for Pencil Decoration

Halloween craft- shrunken head to delight kidsMaterials
(small apple, paring knife, two cloves, rice, pencil)

Parents may need to do the steps involving the knife for this Halloween craft.

  1. Peel the skin off the apple.  Leave the stem on if possible.
  2. Use the knife to carve out three triangles, one for each of the eyes and one for the nose.  Push a clove into each of the eye sockets.
  3. Carve a slit for the mouth.  Make sure it is large enough to fit the grains of rice.  Push in a few pieces of rice to make the teeth.
  4. If you have an extra stem, add it for a nose.
  5. Push in the dull end (eraser) of a pencil into the bottom of the apple.

Halloween craft - kids can make a shrunken head Put the apple in a warm dry place, such as a kitchen window.  Use a pencil holder to keep it upright, or rotate it once a day to make sure it doesn't rot.

Halloween craft - shrunken head made by kids It can take three to four weeks for the apple to completely dry.  But the face will be very scary when it is done!  You'll have the best Halloween craft around.





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