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Mother's Day 

What can you do when a child can't be with their Mom on Mother's day?  


For most children it's best to at least talk about Mother's day, but some children would just like to miss the whole day.  Here are some ideas crafts, activities and games to keep busy.

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Ideas for children who can't be with Mom on Mother's Day


For some families, they just can't be together on Mother's Day.  They may be separated because Mom is working in a different city or country, has a health problem, or has past away.  For these children, Mother's Day can be very difficult.  Here are some ideas that might help make it a bit easier.

  1. Think of Mom's favorite place and plan to spend the afternoon.  Maybe she loved the beach, a special park or even a favorite restaurant.  Or did she have a favorite game you could play.  It might be hard to be without Mom on Mother's Day, but at least you could be doing something she would enjoy.
  2. Write Mom a letter and attach it to a helium balloon.  Send it up to the sky.  Please be aware that these balloons are a hazard to wildlife and the environment.  So don't do it unless it is the only way to help a child get through the day.
  3. Write Mom a letter. Burn it in a fire and scatter the ashes in a garden, to the wind, on a lake, or anywhere that is special.  The thoughts will get to her even if the paper can't.  Be sure to talk to the child first about the plan to burn the letter and release the thoughts so they can get to Mom. 
  4. If children make something they do not want to send to heaven (jar filled with flowers and a poem or pictures), they can put it next to moms picture at home or put on the head stone.  Thanks to Fay for sending in this idea.
  5. For children who never had a mother in their life, you could talk about what they think they are missing.  Make a point to try and create those experiences throughout the year.    


Let us know if you have some more ideas we could add to this list. send email to Creative Kids at Home



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