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Egyptian Gifts for Kids

Looking for gift ideas for the Ancient Egypt lover in your family?

So many kids love Egypt.  There's pyramids, pharaohs, the Nile flooding, and thanks to the hieroglyphs, lots of interesting details about their life.   Here are some interesting gift ideas about Ancient Egypt.  How do you choose.  You'll find games, puzzles, stickers and DVDs & books for the younger and older Egypt lover.


Looking for craft ideas about Ancient Egypt?  How about making your own Egyptian mask?  Planning a Egyptian themed birthday party, find ideas for Egypt games and party activities.

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Looking for ideas for gifts for kids?


Egypt Gifts Ideas

Looking for a great gift idea.  Pick from one of these kids gifts, and delight the Egypt lover in your life!


Egyptian Games


Valley of the Pharaohs

Valley of the Pharaohs

Egypt 1926. The Valley of the Pharaohs holds many secrets, but none so great as the Scepter of Amun-Ra. In this grand adventure you play a character tasked with collecting the legendary Scepter. As you make your way to the Valley of the Pharaohs you will face desert bandits, blinding sandstorms and the ill wishes of your fellow players. But safe haven and good fortune can be found within the oasis of the friendly Bedouin. Valley of the Pharaohs comes packaged in an authentic wooden book-box and is played on a beautifully illustrated map of Egypt. 

For 2-6 players. Ages 8 and Up.


National Geographic Kids Archaeology Set

National Geographic Kids Archaeology Set

After using hieroglyphics to decipher the secret to unlocking the pyramid, kids can use tools and techniques similar to those of a real archaeologist to carefully excavate a sarcophagus, death mask, and four canopic urns from inside.

African Stone Game Mancala Game

African Stone Game Mancala Game

The game of Mancala has been known by many names, and has been played for thousands of years throughout Africa and the Middle East. It has been found in Egyptian tombs, but the game may be older than Ancient Egypt.  There is no element of chance in this game, it is a pure strategy game which makes it different from many board games.

8 1/2" x 4 /12" Board Opens to 17" x 4 1/2" with rounded corners.


Egyptian Puzzles


Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares Puzzle 9pc

Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares Puzzle 9pc

Take the scrambles Squares "5 -Minute Challenge!" Unscramble the nine 4" x 4" square pieces by perfectly matching the beautiful illustrations on the squares' edges, while forming a 12" x 12'" square. Sound easy! It's not! Can you unscramble the nine squares without scrambling your brain? 

Egypt DVDs & Books



Egyptian Hieroglyphics & Their Meanings

Egyptian Hieroglyphics & Their Meanings

A quick reference guide to help you: decipher hieroglyphics while traveling to Egypt, translate Egyptian art and jewelry, discover your name in hieroglyphics, learn the ancient Egyptian language, or create some incredible tattoos!


Secrets of the Pyramids

Secrets of the Pyramids

Kids will enjoy deciphering hieroglyphics and uncovering buried treasures in order to make their way through these mazes.



Egyptian Stickers

Jolee's Boutique Themed Stickers- Egypt

Jolee's Boutique Themed Stickers- Egypt

Detailed creations showcasing the attire land and people from around the world.


Looking for ideas for gifts for kids?



Gifts for Kids

Looking for childrens gifts to delight the children you love?

Children love the surprise of getting a gift.  They don't know what's inside and can imagine their gift to be just about anything.  But the best thing about giving a gift for a child, is knowing that someone loves them enough to give them a gift!

We've found some great gift ideas for the children you love. Look for:

kids gifts in the mail: Children love to get mail!

toy stores: These are the stores I use to buy presents for my kids.

Dinosaur gifts: Ideas for the dinosaur lover in your family.

Egypt gifts: Ideas for children who are fascinated by Ancient Egypt.

Nature Gifts:  gifts for the nature lover in your home.

Beach Toys: great ideas for fun at the beach.

Space Gifts: Ideas for the space enthusiast


If you looking for more gift ideas, check out our Children's Gifts Ideas.  You may find the perfect gift idea waiting for you in a story sent in by one of our visitors.  There are ideas for gifts you can give to a child and wonderful stories of gifts people received when they were children.


Still looking for ideas?  Read more about how to pick a gift that will be remembered for years as a message of love from the adult who found the time to create a special memory for their child.





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