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"I want to open six presents!"  Let us put a smile on the face of a child you love.

Kids love to get mail.  Imagine the look on your child or grandchild's face when they open the mail box to find a personally addressed package.  And what birthday present or Christmas gift could be better for a child, than to get craft packages in the mail all year long!  Your child or grandchild will thrilled with the gift you choose, each time a package arrives.  

When you order a Craft Subscription as a gift your child will be sent:
  • a gift announcement;
  • a welcome letter identifying you as the person who is sending the gift; 
  • six personally addressed packages mailed throughout the year; and
  • craft materials with directions; 
sample of children's craft package

Need a gift today?
Create your own gift announcement on our Create your own Card page.


Free shipping and handling if your child lives in Canada.  If your child lives in the USA, the shipping for all six craft packages is just $6 Canadian .


Bonus: Your child will get a special surprise in the craft package that arrives just in time for his or her birthday! 


Three stars for Creative Kids at Home!

"Children love to receive mail!  This specially ordered craft subscription, delivered every second month (six times per year), contains one simple craft for children (ages 4-10 years) to make.  Excitement and enthusiasm greeted early arrivals.  The themes varied bi-monthly and each package arrived with the instructions and supplies (glue, scissors, tape are not included) to complete the project.  Children's birthdays are celebrated with a special card, a little gift, and as with every package, a little personal added touch.  A wonderful gift to give and to receive! 

Canadian Toy Testing Council    


What do kids say about their Craft Subscription?


"Creative Kids at Home is fun. I like the surprise I get each time my craft package arrives."       Emily 

What do parents feel about the craft packages? 


Children doing craft projects

A Creative Kids at Home subscription could include:

  • Masks;
  • Christmas Tree;
  • Winter Nature Scene;
  • Mobiles
  • Pipe Cleaner Creations; and
  • Pencil Pals.

All craft projects are designed for children from 4 to 10 years old. Each project is selected based on the child’s age, abilities, and interests. The projects are designed for children to be able to complete them with limited adult participation.


"Received my son's first package the day before his birthday! What a wonderful surprise for him - and it was full of supplies to make the Pipecleaner Creations! I am very pleased and we enjoyed making some of the people together. We can't wait to receive the rest of our craft packages throughout the year. 

PS - he's still playing with the purple balloon you included - my husband asked -- "how did they know to give him a purple one??" Let it be our little secret!!! Keep up the good work!"                      Cathy 


gifts for kids - fairy doll made by children

Craft packages will include all supplies need to complete the project, but may require basic supplies (like glue, scissors, pencil or markers) from around the house.  

child's craft - pipe cleaner creations Most packages will have enough materials to make two items, one following the ideas on the sheet, and one from the child’s imagination. If this month’s package is for pom pom animals, there would be enough materials to make two animals that could play together.

Be sure to let us know if a child doesn't celebrate Halloween, Christmas or Easter. We want to make sure that each child receives the right craft project for him or her.


Christmas Gifts

Right up to and on Christmas Day, you can order a gift subscription with the first craft or science package arriving in January.  Just place your order, then print off a gift announcement for your child to open.


You can order a complete craft subscription for $35.99 Canadian (about $34.77 US including shipping to the USA) and your child will get a bonus birthday surprise. Place you order from our secure online shopping cart or by calling our toll free number 1-877-853-6788.
Send us a note if you have any questions.

Note about tax and shipping charges

If your child lives in:
United States - you will be charged a one time fee of $6 Canadian for shipping;
Canada - you will be charged GST (7%) in taxes; or
   -Maritimes(NB,NL,NS) - you will be charged HST (15%) instead; or
   -British Columbia - you will be charged GST (7%) plus PST (7%);
   We've included the shipping for all Canadian orders;
Other Countries - you will be charged a one time fee of $18 Canadian for shipping.

Do you remember getting a special birthday or Christmas gift as a child?  Was it a favorite doll or your first model train?  Some of our visitors have sent in their favorite gift from childhood for our Best Loved Gifts page.

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