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Celebrate National Crafts Month


March 1, 2002                                                                                 Contact: Christine Nicholls
For Immediate Release                                                            Phone:  (250) 474-0740


Victoria, BC - March is National Crafts month. Creative Kids at Home wants to encourage families to take this opportunity to spend time together while kids are learning the skills to be creative. 

Christine Nicholls, owner of Creative Kids at Home says “Creativity is not about being a great artist, it is an approach to life. Creative thinkers know that problems have many different solutions. When they encounter an obstacle, they find a way around rather than giving up. Creative thinkers have to be willing to take risks as they learn new skills. These are important life skills that need to be encouraged in children.”

Creative Kids at Home (www.creativekidsathome.com/activities.html) has a free internet library of kids activities to get families started. During National Crafts Month (March) they will be featuring spring and Easter projects. Call them toll free (1-877-853-6788) and they will mail copies of the activities to people without internet access.

For further information: 

Christine Nicholls, 
Creative Kids at Home 
(250) 474-0740  http://www.creativekidsathome.com


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