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Contact: Christine Nicholls                       Phone:  (250) 474-0740


Victoria, B.C. ... 

Business woman Christine Nicholls was fed up with the commercialism in childrenís lives. Her answer was to start a company that would develop products to encourage children to be creative without any advertising or commercial influences. Creative Kids at Home has a online library filled with crafts, games, and activity ideas for kids.  The website is designed to help adults find ideas for fun activities with children.

Ms. Nicholls believes that "Children need to develop their own imaginations, not receive dolls and characters who already have a name, family, friends, and a developed personality". Licensed characters donít let children invent these details for themselves.

Creative Kids at Home has a policy of no advertising to children.   

The free Kids Library can be found at  http://www.creativekidsathome.com/activities.html


For further information: 

Christine Nicholls, 
Creative Kids at Home 
(250) 474-0740  http://www.ccreativekidsathome.com


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