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New Science Gifts for Children!

Victoria, B.C. ... Parents have a new gift idea, thanks to Creative Kids at Home's subscription for children's science packages. They can give six presents without shopping, wrapping, or mailing even one, and this gift is fun, educational, reasonably priced and lasts throughout the year.

Children receive personally-addressed science packages in their mailbox. They get the fun of doing an experiment, the surprise of finding packages in the mail, and learn something about the scientific principle demonstrated in the experiment.

The experiments are designed for children from 8-12 years of age. Each package contains supplies, step by step instructions for the experiment and a fact sheet filled with interesting information related to the experiment. Makes a great gift idea for grandparents or friends, too!

"This gift encourages children to take an interest in science," says Christine Nicholls, president of Creative Kids at Home. "You'll love watching their excitement each time they get their package in the mail," she adds.

Priced at $35. U.S. per year (includes shipping) , the science subscription is an affordable gift for children. Visit the website to place an order from their secure website.

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Christine Nicholls, 
Creative Kids at Home 
(250) 474-0740

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