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The purpose of Creative Kids at Home is to encourage children to have fun and be creative with crafts and activities.

Christine Nicholls is the president of Creative Kids at Home.

Christine with her children "For many years, I have been trying to find creative presents for the young children in my life. Some years it was more difficult than others. Often everything from books to underwear was stamped with the characters in the latest movie or fad. What was all this commercialism doing to a young child's imagination or self-esteem? How could children develop their imagination if their toys all came with names, histories and developed personalities?

Creative Kids at Home was started to encourage children to have fun and be creative without commercial influences to limit their imagination. I want our products to excite children about the possibilities of creating things from materials they already have access to. The fun will come when they can use their own imagination to power their projects.

It is important to me that all children should have fun and feel special. I love watching a child glow when they receive their own packages in the mail. Their eyes say 'Somebody thinks I'm important enough to send me mail."

Creative Kids at Home was started in 1999.  Over the next five year, we sent thousands of craft and science packages to children.  In May 2005, the decision was made to stop selling gift subscriptions and focus our attention on the free online library of children's craft ideas and activities.

The Creative Kids at Home Blog was added in 2005.  You can read about some of the activities I do with my own kids, as well as what's happening with our website.

Gardening For Me blog was started in 2006 to give me a chance to share the transformation of my garden and how the kids have been part of the process.

Creative Kids at Home is a division of S&N Enterprises Inc. which was incorporated in 1989.


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