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Create Mandala Designs

Coloring these mandala-like designs will keep kids busy for hours.

The idea for these designs came from Tibetan Mandalas.

  1. Pick one of the images, then print it.
  2. Color it using crayons, markers, pencil crayons or paint.
  3. When your finished, outline the shapes with a black or gold tipped pen.

Mandala Design
Center Star M2


Stars and Moons  M1

Centre Star  M2

Get Adobe Reader Adobe Reader is free software available from Adobe that lets you print files formatted for your own printer. Visit the Adobe site if you need to download Adobe Reader.

Thanks to Insight Mandalas for letting us use their designs.

Tibetan Mandalas

Tibetan Monk creating a Mandala A Mandala is an ancient Hindu and Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe, a cosmic diagram that functions as a powerful aid to meditation and concentration.  It is likened by some to a 'floor plan of the universe'.

The word Mandala comes from the Sanskrit verbal root "mand" (to mark off, decorate, set off) and suffix "la" (circle, essence, sacred center).

Mandalas can be made from thread or sand. Monks from Tibet will often demonstrate their skill in making intricate sand Mandalas.

send email to Creative Kids at HomeSend us a note if you have any questions. Let us know if your kids have fun creating their own Tibetan Mandala designs.

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Gifts Kids Can Make Book Cover







Children love making gifts for their parents and other adults who are important to them.  But what can they make that will delight the person they are giving the gift to?

Here's how you can quickly and easily get lots of simple, high quality gift ideas that you children can make.  Guaranteed to be fun the children making the gift, and a delight for the person receiving it.

Gifts Kids Can Make



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