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Make a Treasure Map

treasure map from DennyTreasure Maps are very easy to make.  With a few simple steps, your treasure map will look like it was made 100 years ago by a pirate.

Use it for a Treasure Hunt, or if the kids want something messy, try this jelly treasure hunt. If you aren't sure where to start, read this step by step guide to planning a treasure hunt.

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How to make a Treasure Map

(paper, pen, used tea bag, paper towel, cooking oil)

  1. homemade treasure map Think about the map you want to make.  It could be a path that uses landmarks, or it could be a verse that includes directions and distances.  Make sure the start is easy to find, and the treasure is hidden somewhere where it won't be disturbed until the treasure hunters find it.
  2. Use a piece of white paper and draw your map.  Include the compass points and any verse or written clues needed by the hunters to find the treasure.  Different colored inks work fine, some pencil crayons will work too.
  3. Tear the edges off the page, to make it look like a treasure map.
  4. When you map is finished, wipe the wet tea bag over both sides of the page.  The page will turn a light brown color.  The page should be soaked through by the time you are finished.
  5. Crumple it into a ball and let dry over night.
  6. Gently open the map, and wipe both sides with cooking oil.  Blot off the excess with paper towels.

By this point, your treasure map should look hundreds of years old!  Use your map for a treasure hunt or as a list for a scavenger hunt at a children's birthday party.


Here is a note from some of our visitors.

Thank you for the ideas for map making. My grandkids and I do treasure hunts all the time and I found your directions, lost it and found it again. Searching all over the internet, your map was the only one that looks  authentic. I am creating one as soon as I sign off.  What fun!                                                      Grandma Pauli

"Iím 11 I make treasure maps all the time because Iím the oldest kid who has to take care of all the little kids!!! One day while I was making my maps for a treasure hunt with my whole family I decided to go on the internet to find some new cool things to put on my maps and I found your page and now that I put olive oil on them they last a lot longer!!!! Thank you for the great tip!!!!  I always put tea and stuff but hereís a tip for you my mom and dad help me chard the edges of the map with a lighter and it looks cool also!!          Tonya

"Oh my goodness, I was trying to find info on having a treasure hunt and found your site. I am a huge fan now and can't wait to do some of these things. Don't know which of us will have the most fun. My son or me!!! "
                                                   Linda B.

Hey maps aren't just for kids!
Your map how to worked perfect for my special someone's Valentine's day treasure hunt. It came out great first time through (see photo at the top of the page) and was a lot of fun to make. Can't wait to try this out on my nephews and niece next time they visit.    Denny

Note for Parents:

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