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Make Frog or a Bunny

Here's a project that children can turn into any animal they want.  Just change the ears, maybe add some whiskers and it is a whole different creature.


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Easter Bunny Adventure

bunny or frog craftMake a Frog or Bunny



pencil (for tracing)
body material - fun foam, cardboard, construction paper
decorations - pom poms, pipe cleaners, sequins, eyes


  1. Choose the material for your animal.  It could be fun foam, cardboard, construction paper, or even a very stiff fabric.
  2. Print off the pattern.
  3. Cut out the pattern, and trace it onto the material.
  4. Cut out your animal, and any ears, eyes, teeth, tails, horns, or other extras you've added.
  5. Glue on the parts.
  6. Put the glue on the front of one hand, and the back of the other hand.  Put the two hands together and hold until they dry.  Use a paperclip if you need to hold them in place while the glue dries.


  • You may want to use felt for the ears or foot pads.
  • If you have some wiggly eyes to clue on, they add a lot of character to your animal.
  • Use a pom pom for a tail.

Ideas for other animals

  • Change the ears to make a bear.
  • Add spikes down the back and a tail to make a dinosaur.


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