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Making Creatures


pipecleaner creation by kidsMy kids came up with this idea when there were some extra pipe cleaners lying around.  These creatures are easy for children to make and can be as simple or complicated as you wish.

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Pipe Cleaner Creaturescreature made with a tail and bow


pipe cleaners
googly eyes

  1. Choose the color of pipe cleaner you want for your creature.  You can use a whole pipe cleaner for a large creature, or cut it in half to create smaller creature.
  2. shape for creatureStart one end and bend the shape for the head and neck.
  3. Spiral the rest of the pipe cleaner around the pattern for pipecleaner creaturebottom of the neck.  Leave the end of the pipe cleaner to create a tail if you want.
  4. Glue on the eyes.



  • If an adult is helping, a hot glue gun makes it fast to put eyes on your creature.  two color creature
  • Eyes can be wiggle eyes, cut from paper, or anything else you can think of.
  • Twist two pipe cleaners together before starting to make your creature.
creature with ears from pipecleaner

Ideas for Creatures

  • Cut a small piece to twist around above the eyes to make ears.
  • shape for creature wingsUse another pipe cleaner to create wings and then push the wings up through the spirals.



Find more free ideas for kids crafts and activities or more ideas for pipe cleaner creations.


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