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Grandmother showing plants to grandchildPicnics make such great memories for children.  The next time you are on a picnic, pack up sticks, gather acorns, look for leaves, poke around for pebbles, and fetch a flower. Then use your treasures in your own peekaboo box!!

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PICNIC PEEKABOO BOXpicnic supplies


Empty Shoe Box
White Crafts Glue, Paste, or Modeling Clay
Picnic Treasures
Cotton Balls
White Tissue Paper

  1. Color the inside of the box. 
  2. Glue your picnic treasures onto the bottom of the box. For fluffy clouds glue cotton balls around the inside top edge of the box.  
  3. With adult help, cut a rectangular opening out of the end of the box. This will be the peek hole.  
  4. Cut a piece of tissue paper large enough to cover the top of the box. 
  5. Fold edges of paper around box. Tape paper around the sides of the box.  
  6. Now look inside the box through the peek hole. What do you see?

Thanks to Angie for sending in this craft  idea.

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Note for Parents:

Every parent must use their own judgment in choosing which activities are safe for their own children.  While Creative Kids at Home makes every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for children it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your own home.




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