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Fairy Hair Wreath

Hair wreaths are easy to put together and make any girl feel like a fairy princess. 

fairy hair wreath

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Fairy Hair Wreath


Wire Ribbon (2 inch wide works well)
Curling Ribbon

  1. Cut a piece of wired ribbon about 3 feet or 1 metre long.
  2. steps in making a hair wreathFold the two sides of the wide ribbon together to make a long, narrow tube shape. Twist a loop in one end of the wire ribbon.
  3. Feed the other end through the loop.
  4. Put it on your head and adjust for length. Add 5 cm (or 2 inches) to the length, and cut off the extra. Twist close the second end. 
  5. Choose a ribbon for the crisscross pattern and cut a piece about 1.5 meters (or 5 ft) long. Tie it to the back of the wreath leaving a tail about 30 cm (or 1 ft) long. Take the long end and wrap it around the wreath by looping it over the wreath, through the center and out the bottom. Tie it when you get to the back. It should be loose enough to allow you to even out the loops.
  6. If the ribbon seems too long, wind it into a ball to make it easier to wrap it around the wreath.
  7. Cut a second piece for the crisscross pattern. Tie it at the back and loop it under the wreath, through the center, and over the top. Tie it when you have looped all the way around the wreath. Move the loops to even out the crisscross pattern if necessary.
  8. Tie on extra pieces of curling ribbon if you want to.  Scrape one side of a pair of scissors along the ribbon to curl it.



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