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Make a Planet from our solar system

There are lots of interesting planets in our solar system.  Find out how to make the planet Saturn, and some ideas for other planets in our solar system too.

solar system planet - Saturn

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craft to make planet SaturnMaterials

Styrofoam ball
paint and brushes
Knife (to cut the ball in half)
thread, string or wire

  1. Cut the Styrofoam ball in half.
  2. Paint each half and let dry.
  3. Put a toothpick in the cut center of one half.  Put the CD over the toothpick.  
  4. Push the toothpick into the other half of the Styrofoam ball.


Make Planets in the Solar System

The Sun is over 100 times larger than the Earth.

  1. Mercury is .38 the size of Earth.  If you are using a 2 inch ball for Earth, Mercury would be 3/4 of an inch big.
  2. Venus is just a bit smaller than Earth.  It is 95% the size of the Earth.
  3. Mars is about half the size of the Earth.  
  4. Jupiter is 11 times the size of the Earth. If you are using a 2 inch ball for Earth, Jupiter would be 22 inches.
  5. Saturn is about 9.5 times the size of the Earth.
  6. Uranus is just over 4 times the size of the Earth.
  7. Neptune is just under 4 times the size of the Earth.
  8. Pluto is about 20% the size of the Earth, or about half the size of Mercury.

You can see an image of all the planets in the solar system.  or do create your own model to see the relative distance from the sun and size of the planets.

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