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Kids can learn about what makes colors.

Has a child every asked about why the leaves change color?  Leaves change color when plants stop producing the green pigment, leaving the red or gold color.  In this activity kids will see how a single color can be made from different colors.


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Learning about Colors


Materials List

coffee filter paper
food coloring  or markers
straws, eye dropper, or spoon


  • mix a few drops of food coloring (blue, brown, & yellow; red & purple). 
  • use an eye dropper or a straw to put one drop in the center of each filter.  
  • use a different straw or dropper to add a drop of water to the color spot. 
  • continue adding water and watch the colors spread.


  • If you don't have food coloring, water based markers will work.  Color a spot in the center of the filter paper, than add drops of water.  Children should be able to discover that purple markers actually have red and blue in the color.
  • To use a straw, cut into pieces about 3 inches or 8 cm long.  Holding the straw upright, put one end in the color or water.  Use your finger to cover the top of the straw, then lift it up.  A small amount of color or water will stay in the straw while you move it over the filter paper.  When it is in position, release your finger from the top of the straw and the liquid will come out the bottom.


Ideas for the used filter papers

Use the finished papers to make flowers.  Kids could make a bouquet for their Mom.  Cut the paper in the shape of a flower and add a straw or pipe cleaner to make a stem.



Send us a note if you have any questions or ideas.

Let us know if your kids have fun learning about colors.




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