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Paper Stars

These paper stars are a great idea for using up the end of wrapping paper, or any fancy paper you have left over.  

Not sure what to do with all your paper stars?  How about making a star mobile?

paper star mobile

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Paper Stars


ruler and pencil (optional)

  1. Cut paper into strips about 1/2" wide and 8 inches long.  

  2. Take one paper strip and tie a knot close to one end of the strip (diagram 1). Flatten the knot into a five-sided shape (a pentagon). 

  3. Tuck the short end into the knot (diagram 2). You might have to cut it a bit shorter so that it fits completely into the knot. 

  4. Fold the long strip over the pentagon creating more layers (diagram 3). Keep folding until the strip is too short to fold over another time. Tuck the end into a knot.

  5. Gently pinch up two sides of one point with the thumb and first finger of one hand, while pushing down with the first finger of the other hand, inside the point (picture A). 

  6. Work your way around each of the five points. You may need to do it a second time to get a true star shape.


Make a Star Mobile


paper stars (see above)
thread (gold or black is best)
gold or silver pipe cleaner

  1. Cut a 10-15 cm (4-6 inch) piece of gold thread to glue to each star.
  2. Shape the pipe cleaners into stars, spirals, or any shape you want to create a hanger.
  3. Tie the star on the hanger, or any where you want.

paper star mobile

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