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Paper Garland of People

Older kids can make their own garlands, or younger kids can decorate a garland cut out by an adult.  They can be all boys, all girls, girls and boys, or even aliens!  Don't forget about other shapes like stars, snowflakes or even a bell.

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Paper Garland


Glue or Tape
items for decorations 

paper folded

  1. Fan fold the sheet of paper.  The paper should be folded back and forth like an accordion or fan.
  2. Draw the shape you want on one part of the folded paper.   If you want the garland to be all boys or all girls, just draw one child.  If you want boys and girls, draw both children.  Make sure their hands are touching at the folded edge.
  3. Cut out the shape for your garland being sure not to cut the fold lines under the hands.
  4. Open up your garland.  Depending on the size of your paper, you may need to tape or glue together a few pieces to make a long garland.


  • Download a pattern for a  boy and girl paper garland pattern using Adobe Acrobat (free download for reading .pdf files),
  • You can make changes to the shape of the people.  The girl could have her legs apart.  Just be sure that their hands are touching the fold lines (dotted lines on the pattern).
  • This idea could be used to make garlands for other shapes like a heart or a snowflake or a star.  Check that the sides of the image go just over the fold lines so that they stay connected when you cut them out.
pattern for making a paper basket



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