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How to Make a Ball

Make your own juggling balls or attach an elastic string to create a toy that's something like a yo-yo but easier to learn to use.

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Make a Ball


stuffing (millet, quinoa, small beans, ...) 
funnel or spoon
clean, empty water or pop bottle (optional)
elastic string (optional)


To Make the Ball

  1. Lay out the three balloons that are all the same size and shape. Place them in order from the color you like least to the color you like most. 
  2. Pick the balloon that is the color you like least and stuff it with the filler.  Read the ideas on How to Stuff a Balloon.   The amount will depend on the what you want to do with the balloon.  About a half a cup of stuffing makes a good sized ball.  Younger children might want about a 1/3 of a cup of stuffing if they are making a set of juggling balls.
  3. cutting off spout of the balloon When the stuffing is in the balloon, tie a knot close as close to the ball as you can.  Cut of the extra on the spout or mouth of the balloon.
  4. For both of the other balloons, cut off the spout. 
  5. Stretch open one of the empty balloons, and push the filled balloon into it.  Be sure the 2nd balloon is covering the knot in the first balloon.  Push the knot into the stuffing so that it's not sticking out of the ball.
  6. Take the last balloon (the color of the final ball), stretch it open, and push the ball into it. Again, be sure to cover the opening of the second balloon.


Now your ball is done and you can start playing!  Make a set of three if you want to learn to juggle.

Take care of your Ball by not leaving it out side in the sunlight for long periods of time. Donít step on it, or pick at it.


Safety Note
Be sure to put all the unused pieces of the balloons in the garbage. Do not let a young child or pet pick up any of these pieces.

How to Stuff a Balloon

There are many different ways to stuff the balloons.  Use whatever idea seems bottle with balloon easiest to you.  In all cases, the stuffed balloon should be patted and kneaded so that it stretches and all the stuffing is in the bulb part of the balloon. 


  1. Use a funnel to pour all the stuffing into an empty bottle.  Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the empty bottle.  Hold the mouth of the balloon firmly in place and tip the bottle over so that the stuffing falls into the balloon.
  2. Put a funnel into the mouth of the balloon and hold it in place.  Pour the stuffing into the funnel and let it flow into the balloon.
  3. Put a large spoon in the mouth of the balloon to hold it open.  With a small spoon, pour the stuffing material slowly onto the larger spoon and tilt it so they flow into the balloon.




Other Ideas For Making Balls

  • balloon with cut-outs for colorful ballsColorful Bouncy Ball - Before you put the second balloon on, pinch a section, and cut out a small circular piece. Keep cutting out pieces all around the balloon. Donít cut big pieces or the balloon will loose strength.   Make sure you have a large area that can cover the opening in the first balloon!  Cut some holes in the third balloon too. 
  • Elastic String Bouncing Ball - Use a piece of elastic string about 18 inches or 50 cm long.  Thread the elastic under two layers of balloons, away from the knot in the first balloon. Tie the elastic thread in a knot. Cut a rim off one of the balloon spouts. Tie it on the other end of the elastic to make a loop to put over your finger.

How to use your Bouncing Ball

  1. Put the loop over your middle finger with your hand between waist and chest high with the ball in your hand. Your hand should be palm side down, facing the floor.
  2. Throw the Bouncing Ball, stretching the elastic. Catch the ball as it rebounds up. 

Once you have got use to bouncing it down, try to bounce it up. How about
straight out in front of you? Or behind your back?

Safety Note: Think about where you aim your Bouncing Ball before you throw it. Never throw it at people or objects.


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Note for Parents:

Every parent must use their own judgment in choosing which activities are safe for their own children.  While Creative Kids at Home makes every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for children it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your own home.



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