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Stain Glass Windows

Use old crayons to make stain glass window decorations to match a current holiday or even a party theme.


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Stain Glass Windows



old wax crayons 
wax paper
paper towels
hole punch
yarn or string


  • Children can choose the colors for their stain glass window.  Use  pink, red, or purple for Valentine's Day, green for St. Patrick's Day, flag colors for National holiday,  etc.)
  • Have the kids cut two pieces of wax paper into what ever shape they want (2 hearts, 2 clovers, ....
  • Grate crayons and place the shavings between two sheets of wax paper.
  • Have an adult can iron the wax paper between two pieces of paper towel .

The kids will love to watch the wax melt to create a unique design.

Once the kids cut a piece of string or yarn to hang up their masterpieces, the finished product looks great in a window!!!

Thank you to one of our visitors for sending in this idea.

Nicole used this project with a large group of kids.  Here are her tips for this craft idea.

Tips for Stain Glass Window craft:

  • Use an iron that you do not intend to use on fabric again because the crayon can seep through the wax paper and ruin the iron for future use
  • Use the name brand wax paper its worth the extra money the cheap stuff doesn't have the same look and it rips really easy
  • An old pencil sharpener works better than a grater its really hard to grate a crayon also if you heat the crayon slightly before grating or sharpening it works much better
  • Cheap waxier crayons are better the name brand are just too hard the waxier the better because they are softer
  • This is a super cute craft but is not very good for large groups
  • If you cut a design out of two pieces of black construction paper and put the melted crayon between them its really cute!

Thanks Nicole!


Check out the Free Kids Activity Library for more ideas.

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