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Counting Down to Christmas with Advent Calendar

Children love all the excitement of Christmas.  Making their own Advent calendar can help them enjoy the time until Christmas morning.

Any child can make a paper chain calendar or if you have the right supplies, the box advent calendar can be used for every Christmas.

You can find lots of Christmas craft ideas for decorations, tree ornaments and even some gifts you can make. Or would you like to read about where some of our Christmas customs came from? Looking for some new ideas for celebrating Christmas?


Kids have fun with crafts.
Crafts are fun


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Paper Chain

Materials  - paper, glue, scissors, pen

  1. Cut 24 pieces of red and green colored paper app. 1x6 inches.  
  2. Glue the first piece together to make a ring.  
  3. Put the second piece through the first and then glue into ring shape.  
  4. Continue until the chain has 24 links.

The fun comes each morning when the kids get to take a link off the chain.  They can watch as Christmas morning gets closer and closer!  

Ideas to put on the papers

  • You can add this poem to a piece of paper or board that you hang your chain from.

December 1st until Christmas
Is the longest time of the year.
It seems as though old Santa
Never will appear.
How many days until Christmas?
It's mighty hard to count.
So this little chain of links
Will tell you the exact amount.

Please let me know if you have the authors name.  I would like to give credit for the poem.


  • For more fun, plan out 24 Christmas activities that will each take about an hour.  Write each idea on a piece of the chain.  As a link is taken off the chain, read the activity you will do that day.  Some ideas are:
  • singing Christmas carols,
  • putting up decorations in one room,
  • writing Christmas cards to 10 people,
  • making cookies,
  • writing a letter to Santa, or
  • going for a drive to look at Christmas lights.


  • If you would like your children to have a better understanding of the true meaning of Christmas, you could put of bible verse on each piece of paper telling the story of the Birth of Jesus.

  • Families celebrating other holidays at this time of the year could use the idea of a paper chain, but pick their own verses or stories to put on each paper.
The Gift of Kings Experience the beautiful aroma of frankincense and myrrh, the legendary gifts of the Magi.

  The Gift of Kings


Box Advent Calendar

Materials  Christmas fabric, card board, 24 match boxes, foil, string

  • Decide how large your calendar will be.  You will need an area  about 3 foot square for the boxes.  To get an exact size, lay out five boxes in a row.  Allow enough space in between for each box to be opened.  Measure for the width of your calendar and add about 2 inches on each side.  For the height, put five boxes in a column with about an inch separating each box.  Measure the height and add 2 inches for the top and bottom.   
  • Cut out the cardboard in the finished size of the calendar.  Then cut out the fabric 1 inch larger.
  • Glue the fabric to the cardboard and wrap the edges over so that none of the cardboard shows.
  • Cut out 25 foil rectangles the width of each match box and long enough to go all the way around the match box.  Glue the foil to the match box.  Make sure that you can still open each match box.
  • Glue the boxes on the calendar in 5 rows of 5. 
  • Fill the boxes with candy, coins, or notes.

This activity will take an afternoon to make, but you will be able to use it for years to come.  If you make this calendar, please send me a picture of the finished project.  I don't know a source for 25 empty match boxes to make it myself!



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