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kids craft to make balloon peopleBalloon People

Kids will have a great time making a whole family of balloon people.


There are lots of craft and activity ideas in our kids crafts library.

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Balloon People

balloon people

stickers or markers



  • print off the page for feet
  • blow up the balloon
  • use stickers or markers to create face
  • color the feet and make a hole in the center
  • push the tied end of the balloon through the hole in the feet
  • if it has trouble standing up, tape a coin on the bottom of the feet to balance it.


Check out our blog entry on Balloon People about this craft project for ideas on how to use this craft for as puppets or for holidays.


Feet Pattern

Get Adobe Reader Adobe Reader is free software available from Adobe that lets you print files formatted for your own printer. Visit the Adobe site if you need to download Adobe Reader.


  • Print the feet on card stock or very heavy paper if you can.  Or use the printout to create a pattern and cut them out of cardboard.
  • Layer stickers to create features like eyes.
  • If you can't find stickers that are faces, you may be able to get colored pages of sticker material and cut out your own shapes. With a bit of creativity, you can use parts of other sticker shapes to create features on a face. 
    For example, maybe a lion's leg would make an interesting eyebrow.


There are lots of craft and activity ideas in our kids crafts library.

Note for Parents:

Every parent must use their own judgment in choosing which activities are safe for their own children.  While Creative Kids at Home makes every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for children it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your own home.


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Let us know if your kids have fun making balloon people.

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