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Box of Kisses

Whether it's Christmas, Grandma's Birthday or Father's Day, here's a simple fun idea that any child can make, a box of kisses!

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gift box filled with kissesBox of Kisses



Small Box - small earring or matchbox
Wrapping Paper

  1. Take a small box open it and get your child to 'blow kisses' inside.
  2. Close quickly so none can escape!!
  3. Wrap the box in gift paper and tie with some festive ribbon.

These can be given as gifts to keep or even hang them on a Christmas tree as a decoration. 

Its a simple idea but very touching and what Grandma or Grandad wouldn't want something so special.  You just couldn't buy that sort of gift, its priceless

Thanks to Melanie P. for sending in this idea.


  1. Add a gift card that says "Filled with kisses from (child's name)"  or have your child put a small handprint on the card. 




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