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Easy to Make Piņata

cardboard box pinataPiņatas are lots of fun.  You can make some amazing piņatas using paper mache.  But if you are looking for a very easy, but still lots of fun, piņata, you won't believe how easy it is to make this type of piņata !


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Easy to Make Piņata



Small Box - small earring or matchbox
Wrapping Paper
rope or heavy string
  (paint, markers, stickers, ...)

  1. Choose a piņata object that could be rectangular. (favorite book, train car, computer, ...)
  2. back of the pinataOpen the box and make two holes in the box.  Thread the rope or string through the box.  
  3. Put the candies or other surprises into the box.
  4. Use tape to completely seal the box.
  5. Carefully, wrap the piņata in plain paper. You will need to make two holes in the paper and thread the string through them as part of the wrapping.  Use tape or glue to attach the paper.
  6. Decorate your piņata. You can paint it to be any object you want, or just put stickers all over it to make it colorful!

cardboard box pinataKids love having a piņata at birthday parties.  This piņata is so easy to make, you can start an hour before the party and easily have everything ready before the kids arrive.

You could even leave it plain and then let the kids decorate it as the arrive.

My son painted this piņata to look like an LEGO Mindstorms NXT.  He put the strings in so that it would hang upright when the kids were trying to break it open. 



  1. If you have lots of older kids at the party, you might want to reinforce the side of the box where they holes are for the string.  We taped a second piece of cardboard between the holes so that it wouldn't tear too easily. 



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