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Make your own Marble Game 

marbles for kids gamesKids love to make and create their own games.  Here's an idea that twin 7 year-old boys came up with.  They've even created lots of different variations on the basic game.  Find out how to make your own Marble Game.

Don't remember some of the marble games you played as a child?  Here are some of the older marble games.


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Marble Game You Can Make



makng marble game for kids2 breakfast cereal boxes
tape or glue
marker or pen

  1. Cut 15 holes all over one side of the box.
  2. With the second box, cut one side into app. 2 inch (5 cm) strips.  The strips should run the length of the box.   
  3. Glue the strips to the side of the first box.  You will need to cut two of the strips so that they are the width of the box.
  4. Number the holes 1-5 with 3 holes for each number.


How to Play the Marble Games:

  1. The first player places his marble on the box and manipulating  the box so the marble falls into hole#1. if succeeds, he then tries for #2. If he doesn't succeed, it's the second player's turn and player one will try for hole#2 on his next turn.  Players can choose any hole that has the right number.  If the marble goes in the wrong numbered hole, it's the next player's turn.

    The first player who gets his marble in hole#5 wins!
  2. Play game 1 as level one.  After a player succeeds in getting his marbles into all 5 holes, he begins stage 2, which means he starts from hole 2 through 5.  When he completes stage 2, he starts stage 3: holes 3-5, then stage 4, holes 4-5. 

    The first to stage 5 (just hole 5)  wins.
  3. Get as many points as possible. Players try to get their marble into the highest value hole. Each player gets 5 marbles, 5 tries. Add up the values of the holes the marbles enter.

    The player with the highest score wins.
  4. Place one marble of each player on board. Each player gets turn to manipulate to marbles on board. Both players will get the value of their marbles.  So the player must try to get his marble into the high value holes, and his opponent's marble into low.

    The player with the highest score wins.
  5. Game for single player: Try to see how many turns it takes to progressively put the marble in holes 1-5. If on the first try, he manages to put the marble in holes 1,2 and 3, then misses 4, on the next try, he starts from hole 1 again.


The variations on these games seem endless.


Thanks to Judy N. and her boys for coming up with this idea and sending it in to share with other kids!


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