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Make your own picture frame

What happens when there is one piece of the puzzle missing?

Here's an idea to use your old puzzles to make a picture frame.


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Puzzle Picture Frame
  • cardboard
  • puzzle pieces
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler
Creative Kids at Home - puzzle frame
  • Choose the size of frame you want to make.  If you aren't sure, add about an inch and half border to the size of picture you will be framing.  Here are some common sizes.
Print Frame
4x6 7x9
5x7 8x10
8x10 11x13
  • Use a ruler to draw the shape of the frame on the cardboard. It could be from a cerial box, packing box, or even a piece of bristle board.
  • Glue puzzle pieces to the frame.  Keep adding more layers until you get the effect you want.
  • Let dry, then add your picture.



  • Choose puzzle pieces to complement the photo (map pieces for vacation photos; red, white and blue pieces for a fourth of July picnic).
  • You can cut the cardboard into any shape you want.  The center opening can be smaller than the actual photo if you want to crop out some of the photo.


A visitor sent in this project idea

I supervise a crafting group for special needs individuals in care, and am constantly creating ideas to keep my residents occupied.  We make xmas wreaths out of jigsaw puzzle pieces painted green and glued onto 8" cardboard circles. We make them in layers and add red 1/4" pompoms and a big bow at the bottom. They sell well and make my residents extremely proud!



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Send in your ideas of what to make from old puzzles.  We'd love to share them with other visitors.

Send us a note if you have any questions.



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