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Rain Sticks that really do sound like rain.

Kids love the to listen to the sounds of these sticks.  They are amazed when they discover that paper and rice really does sound like rain.

Kids have fun with crafts.
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(long tubes from gift wrap or paper towel, strips of cardboard, paper, tape, seeds or rice)

  • Cut out two 4 inch circles out of the paper (trace a cereal bowl for the shape).
  • Put one over the end of the tube, and fold the sides down, and tape around the tube.  Make sure it is well taped on and use sturdy paper so that your Rain Stick won't leak!
  • Cut cardboard strips are narrower than the tube (about 1 inch wide should work). Fold them back and forth like a fan. Put the strips into the tube. The first one should fall to the bottom of the tube. Keep adding strips until they reach the top of the tube.
  • Pour in 1/4 cup of rice and 2 tbsp of seeds (dried peas, popcorn, or lentils) into the tube.
  • Tape the other circle over the open end of the tube and tape in place.
  • Decorate the tube with markers, paints or by gluing on paper or ribbon.

Decorating the sticks can be the most fun.  The kids can decorate the sticks before or after they have filled them.  Just remember that paper circles will be taped part way down the sides if the kids want to do the decorating first.

Here's an idea for one of our visitors.

My daughter's pre-school crumpled pieces of tinfoil and put them in the tubes for the rice to run through.


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