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How to Make a Fossil?

dinosaur fossil footprints made by kidsHow old is that fossil?  Fossils are amazing.  Kids can imagine what life was like when the fossil was created.  But real fossils should be handled with care and checked for scientific importance.  With these fossils, kids will have fun making and playing with them!


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dinosaur fossil made by kids(clay, items to imprint - leaves, coins, bugs, optional - shoe polish and acrylic sealer)

  • Make a rock or plaque shape from the clay or use the dough recipe.
  • Create a smooth surface on the top side of your rock. (use water or just flatten the top on a counter or plate).  
  • Make imprints with different objects. Try leaves, coins, shells, or even a small toy.  Make a foot that you can use to leave footprints.  (A pipe cleaner was used to make the fossil pictured on this page.
  • When it dries, rub on a bit shoe polish and acrylic sealer to make it last for months and months. Bury them in sand or dirt and have a expedition to dig up fossils like a paleontologist.

Dough Recipe

(1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp oil, 2 tsp cream of tartar)

  • Mix all ingredients in a pot and stir over medium heat.
  • Mixture will be soupy with lumps. Suddenly it will form into a ball.
  • Remove from heat, and knead on a non-stick surface.
  • Useful for many types of projects.
  • Store in fridge, or allow creations to air dry.

Note:  I got a phone call while making this dough.  I thought it was almost cooked so I turned it off.  About 10 minutes latter, I started kneading it.  The dough had not cooked enough.  I put it back in the pot, and finished the cooking.  It turned out fine.

By the time you have kneaded it for 3-5 minutes, it should look and feel like playdough.  This dough can crack as it dries depending on the shape of the object.


Note for parents:

Every parent must use their own judgment in choosing which activities are safe for their own children. While Creative Kids at Home makes every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for children it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your own home.


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