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Starting a Journal

Journaling is a fun way of documenting memories, recording events, and exploring feelings.  Writing in a journal is a chance to think about what happened that day, and dream about what could happen the next day.

Use these ideas to introduce you kids to the joys of journaling.  It's also a great way to get reluctant writers a chance to experience the power of the written word.

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Materials for starting a Journal

Notebook and pen or pencil

  • Find an interesting blank note book and have the kids write in it each day.

The book could be anything from a special journal or diary, to lined paper in a three ring binder.



  1. A great time for kids to start a journal is on the first day of a trip. Then, there will be lots of new things to write about and it can become a habit.
  2. You can be the writer for younger children who aren't able to write for themselves.
  3. Keep a list of these questions on the last page of the journal for quiet days.  You and your child can create the list together, or use some of these ideas. 
    • What is the first thing the child can remember?
    • Was there a birthday that was his or her favorite?
    • What does he or she like about their best friend?
    • What is the best thing they have ever done?
    • What foods do they love or hate?
    • Why do they like their favorite color?
    • What was a fun thing they did today?
  4. Families can have a common journal.  In the evening, each person shares something that happened to them that day.  Take turns being the recorder.
  5. A child can make a journal more interesting by adding mementos from the day.  It could be ticket stubs, a drawing, a colorful leaf, or even a post card from a special place. 

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