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Make your own inuksuk

Have you ever wondered about those stone piles on the side of many highways?  Have you wanted to try to make your own Inuksuk?

An inuksuk is a pile of stones arranged in the likeness of a human being. The Inuit People of the Arctic used them for marking trails, indicating caches of food, nearby people, or helping in hunting large herds of caribou.

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How to make an Inuksuk

Every inuksuk is as unique as a finger print because it is built from the stones at hand. Inuksuk can be small or large; a single rock put in place; several rocks balanced on top of each other; boulders placed in a pile; or flat stones stacked. 

  1. Collect a bunch of rocks.  Most of them should have some flat surfaces.  The easiest rocks to work with will have two flat surfaces on opposite sides of the rock (top and bottom).
  2. Start balancing the rocks on top of each other.  At this point, your main goal is learning about balancing the rocks and finding combinations that work well together.  If two rocks just won't balance, try turning them over.  Often just moving the rock a little bit can make a difference.
  3. Decide where you want your finished inuksuk to stand, and start building.



If you're making a small one for inside the house, you may want to build it once to see how the rocks balance.  Then re-build it using glue.  It won't be a true inuksuk, but it will be much safer!



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