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Kids Crafts from Juice Lids

What can your children make with the lids from frozen juice containers?  There are lots of possibilities and we'd love to share your ideas for craft projects with our visitors.

Candle Holder

Concentration Game

Spinning Tops

The best lids to use for children's craft projects come from the frozen juice cans that have a plastic pull strip.  These lids do not have sharp edges.   If you need a can opener, check for sharp edges before letting the children have the lids.


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Candle Holder

juice lid candle holder


4 juice lids
4 small screws
1 piece of wood

  1. Use a small piece of wood about 2 inches by 2 inches.
  2. Use a hammer and a screw to tap a design into each of the four lids.  The designs could be the same, or follow a theme (sun, star, crescent moon, full moon).
  3. Use the screwdriver and the screw to attach one lid on each side of the wood.
  4. Put a small candle in the center and light.


Make sure you have an adult supervising when children are using a hammer, a screwdriver, or lighting a candle!

Concentration Game


(Old magazines, or catalogs, jar lids, scissors, glue)

  1. Cut out two matching pictures (2 lions, 2 apples, 2 boats). The pictures should be easy to identify, and no larger than a juice lid.
  2. Glue the pictures on the jar lids.

TO PLAY:  Have the children mix up the lids and lay them out in a pattern of rows and columns.  Decide who goes first.  That person flips over two lids, if the pictures match, that person keeps both lids, and has another turn.  The game is over when all the pictures have been matched.  The person with the most pairs wins.

Here's a great idea sent in by one of our visitors.

I made a fishing game for my son with juice lids. Tape a string to a chop stick. Tie a magnet to the end. I glued pictures on the lids (two of each picture, so it is a concentration game as well). Lay the lids out on the floor, and try to "catch" 2 the same.

Spinning Tops

All children love watching spinning tops.  Your child will have fun making their own designs in this craft project.


jar lids


spinning tops made from juice can lids
  1. Decide on a pattern or design to decorate your spinning top.
  2. Glue the decorations on the top.


  • Trace the lid onto colored paper and cut out a background for your design.
  • Use a piece of cord, ribbon, lace, or pipe cleaner to make finish the edge.
  • Try to find sparkly materials for the decorations.

I'm still looking for a great idea of what to use on the base of the spinning top.  You can use a nail or pen to gently make a point in the center of the lid.  Or you can glue a very small, rounded nut in the center at the very bottom.  Both of these ideas work, but I think there might be a better solution.  Please email me with your ideas.

Here are some ideas from our visitors.

  1. Have a parent, hammer a nail in the center to make a small hole and then jam the point of an old dried up ballpoint pen tip in (frequently they can be easily separated from the shaft).
  2. Plastic part of a molly bolt.
  3. At my daughter's daycare last year, they used juice lids, glued a picture of each child on it then glued different colored lace around the picture and glued a little hook in the back of it. I have my daughter's picture hanging on my Christmas tree now and am planning to make a new one each year to add to my tree

Note for Parents:

Every parent must use their own judgment in choosing which activities are safe for their own children.  While Creative Kids at Home makes every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for children it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your own home.


send email to Creative Kids at HomeSend us a note if you have any questions.



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