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Kids Craft Projects for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Necklace from Paperclips
Love Links
Valentine Chain
Heart Rings
Valentine's Day Cards  

Find more craft and gift ideas Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Day Necklace from Paperclips!

  • Open the two sides of a paper clip to form a heart shape.
  • Link the paperclip hearts together to make a necklace.
  • Try colored paperclips for a different look.

NOTE:  Check for sharp ends before giving paperclips to children.

Valentine's Day heart made from a paperclipValentine's Day heart necklace made from paperclips


Here are some ideas from our visitors.Valentine's Day heart

Love Links

You take pink and red kinds of construction paper and you link it together with tape or glue. Make sure you put your friends names on it!

Valentine Chain

This Valentine's Day we're making a chain of hearts! Red, white, pink pipe cleaners linked together to make a garland! You can make it as long or short as you'd like. Or solid colors. You can hang around a doorway or on a doorknob. All kinds of fun ways to hang around the house or office.

Heart rings for valentine cards or chains

Fold two pieces (any size) of construction paper (your choice of colors) in half together. Draw half of a heart shape, with the point of the heart falling on the fold line. Draw it as large as possible. Now cut out the half heart shape. Now progressively cut smaller and smaller half heart shapes. Unfold the half hearts. You will end up with a series of heart "rings" in two colors, and two small solid hearts from the center. Use them to decorate a homemade valentine, or tape them together and make a heart chain.


You will find more free kids crafts in our Free Activities Library and more childrens craft and gift ideas Valentine's Day.

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