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Fuzzy Heads and Egg Heads

With this craft idea, kids can make it and then watch it grow!
This fun kids craft will keep them interested for days.

Kids have fun with crafts.
Crafts are fun




Fuzzy Head Craft Project


  • old knee hi or cut off panty hose,
  • grass seed,
  • dirt,
  • 2 small elastics, and
  • decorations
  1. Have the children put 2 tsp of grass seed in the bottom of toe of the panty hose.
  2. Add 1-2 cups of dirt. Make sure the seeds stay in the top of the head, otherwise you’ll have hair sprouting from under the eyes.
  3. Use the small elastic to pinch off a nose about half way up the head.
  4. Use the second elastic to tie off the bottom.
  5. The children can decorate by pasting on eyes, mouth, ears, or what ever else intrigues the kids. Use paper, felt, colored plastic, markers, pipe cleaners, any materials you have on hand.

Keep the Fuzzy Head in a small dish with water in the bottom. The ‘hair’ should sprout in less than a week. Kids can style the hair with elastics, clips and scissors.

Warning: My daughter decided to cut her own hair after giving her Fuzzy Head a trim!


Egg Head Craft


  • egg shells
  • dirt
  • grass seed
  • markers

Break an egg and try to keep as much of the shell in one piece as possible.  (You may want to use a knife to help break the egg.)  Pour the egg into a bowl to be cooked later.  Carefully wash out the egg shell.

Use the marker to draw a face on the shell.  Encourage the kids to get as creative as they want.  They can make wings out of paper, or a beak out of craft foam.

Fill it 2/3 full with dirt and then sprinkle some seeds on the top.

Water your Egg Head every day and it should start sprouting hair in 2-3 days.

Note for parents:

Every parent must use their own judgment in choosing which crafts and activities are safe for their own children. While Creative Kids at Home makes every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for children, it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your own home.


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