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Homemade Horseshoe Game

childrens horseshoe game for kids in the summertimeHere's a quick and easy way to make a horseshoe game that is safe and fun for kids.


Kids have fun with crafts.
Crafts are fun





  • Popsicle sticks
  • large pop bottles (or any bottles), and 
  • markers

  shape of horseshoes for kids summertime games

Lay the Popsicle sticks out as shown in the diagram.  Glue the sticks where they overlap to create the horseshoe shape.  Each team should make two horseshoes.  Let the teams decorate their own horseshoes.  Be sure they are color coded so that you can tell which team they belong to!

Fill the pop bottles with sand or water to stabilize them.  Set the distance between the bottles based on the age and skill of the participants ( 5ft for very young children, up to 15ft or 20ft for older kids).  Each team alternates throwing their 'shoes'.


  • 3 points - for any shoe that rings the bottle
  • 1 point   - for any shoe that is within 6 inches of the bottle
    (or touching it).


Length of the Game

  1. Set a point limit before starting such as the first player that gets 20 points wins.

  2. Decide that the game will last for 5 innings.



  1. Be sure to check that the shoes can comfortably ring the bottle with some clearance, before the glue dries.  However, the opening of all shoes should be the same distance.
  2. To make sturdier shoes, make glue a second layer so that each shoe is made from 6 Popsicle  sticks.



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