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Bird Crafts - Projects for our Feathered Friends

Children love watching birds.  With these craft projects, children can attract more birds to their yard.  

Bird Treats
Bird Feeder from Pine Cone
Make Your Own Bird Feeder

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Bird Treats

Try this yummy bird feeder idea!
(bagel, peanut butter, lard, oats or bird seed, string)

  • Mix peanut butter with equal parts lard or shortening. spread on a bagel, roll the bagel in oats mixed with bird seed.
  • Tie a string the bagel.  Then tie it up in a tree or wherever you please.


  1. Mix lard and peanut butter together so the peanut butter doesn't get stuck in the birds' gizzards.  That can be hazardous for them, and the lard provides lubrication.
  2. Squirrels LOVE these treats!!


Bird Feeder from Pine Cone

Charli Holland sent in an idea for an easy to make bird feeder.

"You can also make bird feeders with pine cones. All you have to do is get a pine cone spread peanut butter over it, then roll it in bird seeds, then tie string around it an hang it out for children to watch new birds arriving."

Note from Creative Kids at Home:
If a child is allergic to peanut butter, use tahini (ground sesame seeds) in its place.


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Make your own Bird Feeders 

(plastic jug (4l milk or juice), utility knife, glue, glue gun, decorations)

  1. Be sure to thoroughly wash and rinse the plastic jug. 
  2. Cut out three evenly-spaced good-sized egg shapes about two inches from the bottom.
  3. Cover the entire bottle with whatever materials will be interesting to birds  (twigs, buttons, brightly colored feathers, ...).
  4. At the openings, hot glue twigs for the birds to get their little feet around.
  5. Punch a hole in the lid, thread string to form a loop, be sure to knot the ends under the lid, and screw the lid back on.
  6. Fill with seeds, hang from a tree or wherever you want your bird feeder.

You'll have lots of little visitors to your bird feeder.

These ideas were sent in by a visitor to Creative Kids at Home.

Send us a note if you have any questions.





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