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Community Mailboxes

Great for large families, daycares, or group homes. Once assembled, the kids can have fun decorating the outside.

Kids have fun with crafts.
Crafts are fun





16 empty, clean milk cartons (or as many as you need),
hot glue, wrapping paper, decorations


Based on how many boxes you have, you'll have to decide how many rows you'll have, and how many boxes per row. With only four boxes, you could put them all in one row, or in two rows of two. The following directions are based on using 16 boxes.

  • Cut the tops off the milk boxes.
  • Lay them on their sides.
  • Hot glue four of them together, side-to-side. Do this four times to make four rows.
  • Then stack up the rows and hot glue them together.
  • Wrap the entire square in brightly colored wrap, or decorate as you please.

You end up with 16 individual mailboxes, all glued into a square, 4 across and 4 down! Label each child's box with a sticky label at the front of the box, on the flat.

Here's a comment from one of our visitors.

Our organization owns a respite home for children with disabilities. We have 16 children in all. They all have their own mailbox to put their crafts in to take home to their foster or natural families when their stays are over!  Our children go right to their mailboxes when they come for a stay, as there is usually a surprise for them in there to look forward to!



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