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Alphabet Letters and Word Book

Can your child sing the alphabet song, but doesn't know that 'elemenopee' is actually five different letters from the alphabet?

For a young child, 26 is a lot of letters to learn. When my daughter was having trouble really learning her letters, we came up with a fun way for her to learn the alphabet one letter at a time. 

Katherineís Letter and Word book gave her a chance to work with letters in a way that made it easy for her to learn their sounds.  Iíve been amazed at how much progress she has made in a short time. She surprises me by identifying the letter that starts words even when she first hears the word.

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  Materials  ( 3 ring binding, lots of paper, tape, some old magazines or catalogs, scissors, and a pen or pencil)

  1. Ask you child to pick their favorite letter from the alphabet. We started with K for Katherine. To make a divider for that letter, pick the color of paper you want to use. Have your child write the capital and small forms of the letter on the divider. You may have to write them on a different page and have your child copy it to the divider page.
  2. For the tab, have your child write the letter from the alphabet on a scrap of paper. Then cut it out. Use a 1.5 inch (3cm) piece of clear tape. Decide where the tab should go on the side of the page. Hold the paper tab against the side of the page and tape the two together. Make sure there is enough of the tape to fold across the back of the tab to the divider page.  You could use pre-made alphabet divider pages if you have them. Donít put them all in the binder at the beginning. Let your child add the page for each letter when you work on it.
  3. After the alphabet divider page, put in a sheet of blank paper and a sheet of lined paper.
  4. Talk about the sound that the letter makes. Ask your child to think of words that start with that sound. Write those words on the front of the lined paper. If your child comes up with a word that has the letter, but not at the beginning, write those words on the back of the page. (eg. KITE on the front of the page, BAKE on the back).
  5. When your child runs out of words, get out some old magazines, catalogs or sales flyers. Find pictures of words that start with the letter of the alphabet. Paste them on the blank sheet of paper and write the word under the picture.


Each day, work with 2-3 different letters. Donít try to do all the whole alphabet in one week. Your child should have a chance to work with the letters individually. It took us about a month to finish all 26 letters.

You and your child will find lots of different ways to use this binder. One morning, I found Katherine copying words from your picture dictionary onto the right pages of her letter and word book. A few days latter, she realized that two of my friends had names that started with the letter J and she wanted to add them to her word list. Weíve started a new section at the back for stories. She likes to make up a story using all the words starting with the same letter.



Send us a note if you have any questions.






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