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Child's Drawing Gift

This gift idea is intended as a Father's Day Gift, but could be changed to make a gift for Mom, Grandparents, or anyone who has a special place in your child's life.


gift- picture of Father Daddy



Child's Drawing

Materials List

crayons or markers

child making a gift for Father's Day, or Mother's Day


  1. Ask the child to draw a picture his or her Dad on one side of a piece of a paper.
  2. Prepare the questions on a 2nd sheet of paper.  Ask the child about their dad and write down the answers.
  3. Glue the answers to the back of the drawing for a very special gift.

Ideas for Questions

  1. My daddy is _______ years old.
  2. He weighs ________ pounds and is _______ feet tall.
  3. His hair is __________ and his eyes are _________.
  4. My daddy likes to wear _______________________________.
  5. He loves to cook __________________________________.
  6. His favorite TV show is ____________________________.
  7. His favorite song is ________________________________.
  8. Daddy always tells me _____________________________.
  9. It makes him happy when ________________________________.
  10. When my daddy shops, he loves to buy _______________________.
  11. If he could go on a trip, he would go to
  12. I really love it when my daddy ___________________________.


  • Change the text for the any person the child needs to make a gift for.
  • For very young children, you can write the words, or print them from a computer.  But written by a child looks best.


Wendy K.  sent in this project idea for a Father's Day gift.

"This was done in my son's preschool class a couple years ago. Some of the answers the teachers got were hilarious! "


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Send us a note if you have any questions. Let us know your ideas for making other Father's Day gifts, and we'll share them with other visitors.  


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