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Comets that are fun for children to make and play with!

Space fans will love making these Comets.  Your children can create their own comets, by using different types of ribbon, gluing stars to the tinfoil, or anything else your would be astronomers can thing up to design their own space traveling comet. 

child looking through a telescope at comets and stars

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Science Fun with Janice  
 Science Fun with Janice on
  Refractive Telescopes.





Materials List

2" Styrofoam Ball
6 lengths of curling ribbon,
( about 3 feet long )
straight pin with pearl like top
aluminum foil

telescope view of space with comets and stars


  1. Cut curling ribbon in lengths, tie together at one end and cut off excess (short end).  
  2. Poke a hole in the Styrofoam ball with a pencil.
  3. Put a little glue in the hole.
  4. Poke the tie end of the ribbon into the hole and secure with the pin.
  5. Cut a piece of foil, about 7" x 7" and cover the ball allowing the comet's tail (ribbon) to come out threw the foil.

The kids can toss the comets around, but if you have cats watch out. They love them too.

Thank you to Debbie W. from Ontario for sending in this project idea.

Robin S. suggested using a tennis ball or pink rubber ball to get more heft when you toss your comet.


scene from space with comets and stars





Janice Vancleave science logo

Science Fun with Janice


Refractive telescopes used to study the stars and other celestial bodies have one large end and one small end. The large end, directed toward the sky, has an objective lens that collects large quantities of light. The small end of the telescope has an eyepiece. This second lens magnifies the star images received by the objective lens. The larger the objective lens, the more light it collects and the brighter and clearer is the image of the objective being observed.

BIGGER IS BRIGHTER describes a simple way to model how the size of an objective lens collects more light. All you need is paper, dry rice, a couple of bowls and a measuring cup.

For more information about telescopes and astronomy, see Janice VanCleave’s A+ Astronomy Projects.



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Send us a note if you have any questions. Let us know your ideas for using Comets or making other space objects, and we'll share them with other visitors. Send us an email


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