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Indoor Miniature Golf

Kids have fun creating their own indoor miniature golf course with this activity.  If miniature golf is a favorite Saturday afternoon activity, don't wait for a sunny day.  You can turn your basement into a golf course.

indoor miniature golf course for kids

Kids have fun with crafts.
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golf clubs (or sponge and yardstick)
golf ball or rubber ball
masking tape, glue, scissors, markers
shoe box. cardboard, Coffee can

  • Use your own clubs, or masking tape a new sponge to a yardstick 
  • Build your course (see ideas below) using the coffee can for the final hole.
  • Take turns playing your way through your course.
  • Save your obstacles for the next rainy day.

Ideas for golf course

  • For a tunnel, cut out the bottom of an empty oatmeal box, and place the box on its side.
  • To make a house, turn a shoe box upside down and cut out an entrance from one end, and the exit from the other end.
  • Fold a piece of cardboard in half and set it up like a tent for the ball to go through.
  • Place two or three frisbees on the floor to form a curved fairway for the ball to go through.
  • Make a ramp by scoring (run one point of the scissors in a straight line without cutting all the way through) a piece of cardboard twice.  Bend slightly at each score mark to create a upside, flat, and downside to your ramp.  Put some books under the center section for support.
  • For a straight fairway, use two rows of building blocks.
  • Make a sandtrap from a hula hoop.
  • For a pipe use paper and tape it.
  • Put a chair or stool in the center of the room for the ball to go under.


If you come up with some new ideas for your golf course send them in (include pictures) and we'll share them with the other visitors.  Send us a note if you have any questions. send email to Creative Kids at Home

Let us know if you kids have fun creating their own indoor miniature golf course with this activity.




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