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Christmas Ornament Balls

This paper Christmas Ornaments are easy to make and look great.

Looking for more ideas Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations ? Or how about some ideas make celebrating Christmas extra special?  Or would you like to find out more about the history of Christmas?  Don't forget to check out these great kids gift ideas.


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Christmas Ornament Balls homemade kids Christmas crafts


paper or card board



1.  Cut three strips pf paper (11 inches by .5 inch).

2.  Color or decorate the strips if you want.

3.  Glue two of the strips together at their mid-point.

free Christmas crafts - homemade tree ornament

4.  Glue the third strip over the first two and let dry for a few minutes.

5.  Starting with the bottom strip, bring the two pieces up to form a circle and glue them together.  Keep these pieces pinched between your fingers as they are drying.

kids Christmas crafts - homemade tree ornament

6.  Keep bringing up each strip and gluing until all the sides are done.

7.  Pinch it between your fingers until it dries.

8.  Decorate with sparkles or glitter.


Hints:  Use a stapler instead of glue if you are in a hurry.



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