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Woven Baskets from Wool

Children love weaving, and this woven basket is easy to make and makes a nice gift.

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Woven Basket


clean plastic container


  1. Use the scissors to cut strips around the plastic container.  Use wider strips for younger children.
  2. Pick the first color of wool for the bottom of the basket. Put it between two strips and start weaving in and out around the basket.
  3. As each row is finished, make sure you push it down tight to the row below it.
  4. The wool should be tight as you work around the container, but not so tight that it pulls the sides into the center.
  5. Change colors by starting a new piece of wool.  
  6. You don't need to cut off the first color if you are using it again.  Keep the unused wool in the center as you are working around the basket.
  7. Be sure to to weave them under the new color when you are back at the starting point.
  8. Once you have finished weaving the sides of the basket, trim off the wool and glue down the ends.
  9. Cut out a felt center piece to glue inside at the bottom of the basket.
  10. Make a wool braid to glue on the top of the brim, or cut out a felt piece to cover the brim.
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