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Make your own Snake

felt snake made from pull tabsThis felt snake can bend and slither just like a real snake.


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felt snake from pull tabs Felt Snake



wiggle eyes (optional)
pull tabs from pop cans


  • Collect the pull tabs you will need to make your snake.  The number will depend on the length of the snake.  A 6 inch snake needs 12-13 pull tabs.  A 34 cm snake would need 27 pull tabs.
  • Each pull tab should have two openings.  On some tabs, there is a small center portion that needs to be down and under the tab to create a larger opening.
  • Cut two strips of felt.  They should be the width of the pull tabs (about 1/2 inch or 1.5 cm).  For a 6 inch snake, cut the felt strips 9 inches long.  For a 34 cm snake, the strips should be about 55 cm long.
  • Shape one end to a point for the tail, and then cut a head in the other end.
  • With the two pieces on top of each other, thread the tail end up through the front end of the first pull tab.  Then thread the felt down through the front end of the second pull tab and the back end of the first pull tab.  See photo.

felt woven through pull tabs to make a snake.

  • Keep adding pull tabs until the snake is full length.
  • Glue on the wiggly eyes.
  • Cut out a forked tongue and part of it inside the mouth so that a forked piece sticks out.


Watch for sharp edges on the pull tabs as you are weaving the felt.

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