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homemade toy - balloon hover CD This homemade toy is easy to make and lots of fun for kids of all ages.  It uses stuff that might have been thrown away.  The kids can race these toys or just have fun with one.

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Homemade Toy

picture of making homemade toyMaterials

Spout from water or juice bottle


  • Glue the spout over the center of the CD.  You can use craft glue, or a hot glue gun.  Masking tape or duct tape would work too, but be sure the seal is air tight.
  • Push the spout down so that it is closed and no air can pass through.
  • Blow up the balloon.  Don't tie it!  Carefully stretch it so that it is over the spout.
  • Hold the bottom of the balloon in place with one hand.  With the fingers of the other hand, carefully lift open the spout.
homemade toy The air in the balloon with be forced out through the drinking spout.  It will create a blanket of air almost like a hovercraft.  The CD, propelled by the balloon, will scoot all around the floor.  


When it stops, just blow the balloon up again for more fun.


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