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Jiggle Dough for Children

This recipe for jiggle dough was sent in by one of our visitors.  The kids have a great time with it and love to jiggle and play with it.  The recipe is similar to silly slime but makes a different product.

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Jiggle Dough


powdered laundry detergent
white craft glue (like Elmers School Glue)
large container
food coloring



  1. Put about one cup of water in a container.
  2. Add glue and food coloring until the mixture is a thick consistency.  It should take about one cup of glue.
  3. Add powdered laundry detergent one tablespoon at a time until the liquid becomes jiggly.  Laundry detergent can be very absorbent, so don't add too much. 
  4. Play with the jiggle dough to thicken it some more.

The dough is non-stick and can be stored at room temperature in an air tight container or sealed in a bag.


  1. Make sure the kids put it away when they are finished and don't leave it to dry on the furniture or carpet!
  2. Some laundry detergents will work better than others.  Gather a few samples from friends and family before your start.  You'll be amazed by the different results depending on the detergent formula and the additives.
  3. Do not leave young children alone with this dough.  It is not edible!

Note for Parents:

Every parent must use their own judgment in choosing which crafts and activities are safe for their own children. While Creative Kids at Home makes every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for children it is your responsibility to choose the activities that are safe in your own home.


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