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Make Poinsettia Flowers 

Need something to brighten up a wall or window?  These beautiful red poinsettia flowers are easy to make, inexpensive and will brighten any space.  Or try making poinsettias that are like folded snowflakes.

You can find lots of Christmas craft ideas for decorations, tree ornaments and even some gifts you can make. Or would you like to read about where some of our Christmas customs came from? Looking for some new ideas for celebrating Christmas?

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Poinsettia FlowersChristmas poinsettia


red paper


1. Cut out squares of red paper.  You will need one square for each petal on your flower.  The flower in the picture used 4 inch or 10 cm squares.

2.  Cut out two circles from the red paper.  The larger circle should be about 2 inches (5 cm) across and the smaller circle about 1 inch (2.5 cm) across.  The exact size is not important.

3.  For each square, run glue in a line along edge.  Fold over the edge beside it to create a cone shape.  Press flat to create the petal shape.  Repeat for each of the petals.

4. Glue the petals around the large circle, fold side down.  Try to space them evenly.  Once they are all in place, glue the small circle on top. 

5.  Add glitter glue or sequins to the small center circle if you want.



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