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Christmas plate with cookiesMake a  Cookie Plate

Here's an gift idea that kids can make themselves.  This cookie plate is for Christmas, but the same idea could be adjusted for Mother's Day, a birthday present for Grandma or maybe even a Teacher's Gift.  Be sure to look for cost saving ideas at the end of the instructions.

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Make a Cookie Plate

Thanks to Debbi who send in this gift idea. 


Vase or Glass (make sure the rim is not zigzagged)
Christmas plates 
Glue (special glue that is made for glass)
Decorations (such as pinecones, artificial berries, tiny Christmas packages, snowflakes, poinsettas, tiny decorative lights, even small ornaments)cookie plate

  1. Wash everything first. 
  2. Place the decorations in the vase or glass. 
  3. Glue around the rim and set the decorative plate on top. 

You've made a cookie plate on a "pedestal". 

"My daycare kids are going to make them for their parents as their gift to them this year. Of course I will be doing the gluing and they will be selecting and putting the items in the vase. We will also make cookies and put them in a ziplock bag and present them on their last day here before Christmas." 

This gift idea can be used for Easter, Mother's day, Welcome to the Neighborhood gift, etc. They look nice sitting on the counter with the goodies. They are unique and one of a kind and the kids will know they made it themselves!

Cost Saving Ideas

  1. Buy the vase at a Thrift Store for under a $1.  Look for plates and decorations while you are there. 
  2. Get special glue that is made for glass for about $3.50 at a craft store such as Michael's. If you get a tube that has a little applicator for it - DON'T use it. It will clog. Just apply it with a toothpick and then you can situate it along the rim nicely.

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Children love making gifts for their parents and other adults who are important to them.  But what can they make that will delight the person they are giving the gift to?

Here's how you can quickly and easily get lots of simple, high quality gift ideas that you children can make.  Guaranteed to be fun the children making the gift, and a delight for the person receiving it.

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